Signs It May Be Time to Replace the Thermostat

Signs You May Need to Replace the Thermostat

A thermostat malfunction can prevent a home’s air conditioner or heater from working correctly. The HVAC system may not know when to turn on or off, running continuously, raising energy costs and increasing wear and tear on the system, or they might not heat or cool the house to the desired temperature. 

To prevent these problems and keep the heating and air conditioning working, homeowners should call a professional for a thermostat replacement if they notice signs of a faulty thermostat. Some signs property owners should watch for that can indicate they need to install a new device include increased energy bills, incorrect temperature readings, and if the unit is short cycling.

Spike in Energy Bills

billA high energy bill is one of the first signs homeowners might notice indicating they could have a broken thermostat. If there’s a sudden increase in energy bills or they keep getting higher each month, the HVAC system may be overworking due to a malfunctioning thermostat, which results in more energy being used.

Some problems with a thermostat that can waste energy and money are:

  • Not correctly reading the temperature in a home or failing to communicate with the HVAC system that it needs to turn on or off 
  • Getting stuck in the “on” position, leaving the air conditioner or heating running continuously
  • Taking too long to respond to temperature fluctuations in a house, causing family members to adjust the thermostat
  • Failing to follow the programmed settings on a smart thermostat which causes the HVAC system to run when it’s not supposed to

Wrong Temperature Readings

temperatureIf thermostats start to show incorrect temperature readings, it can be another symptom of a broken thermostat. Homeowners can check the accuracy of the temperature on the thermostat using an indoor thermometer

Some issues family members might notice that can alert them that the thermostat may be reading the wrong temperature include:

  • Differences between the reading on the thermostat and the actual temperature in the house
  • Drastic temperature changes in a house
  • Failure to heat or cool the home to the temperature setting on the thermostat or the house feels like it doesn’t match the desired temperature.
  • Errors are shown on the thermostat screen or malfunctioning buttons
  • If the HVAC system is running too long or short-cycling, turning on and off too quickly 

Short Cycling

Another issue homeowners should be aware of that can indicate a malfunctioning thermostat is if the air conditioner or heater starts to short cycle. Short cycling is when an HVAC system turns on and off quickly and doesn’t run for its normal heating or cooling cycle length. 

Some thermostat issues that can cause the heater or air conditioner to short cycle are:

  • A problem with the sensors that is preventing the thermostat from detecting the right temperature
  • A wiring issue that is causing a poor connection between the thermostat and the system
  • A buildup of dirt, dust, or debris inside the thermostat can interfere with its ability to function correctly 

If homeowners notice any signs of a faulty thermostat, they should contact an HVAC contractor to inspect it and determine if thermostat replacement or repair is needed. 

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