What Does Refrigerant Do?

Why Is Refrigerant Vital to Air Conditioners?

Refrigerant is critical to the performance of an air conditioner. But while it’s an essential substance in a system, many homeowners do not know what it does. This vital substance is in the coils of an air conditioner. It absorbs the heat to help cool the air.  The AC unit needs the right amount of a specific refrigerant or coolant to properly cool the house to the desired temperature. 

This blog post will answer commonly asked questions homeowners have about refrigerants, including what type is needed for their system, what symptoms of a leak to watch for, and when they need to call a professional for leak repairs

Which Refrigerant Does the AC Use?

When HVAC technicians inspect air conditioners for a refrigerant leak, they often share with homeowners the type of refrigerant needed for an AC system. This is essential to know because refrigerant is not interchangeable. Putting the wrong refrigerant in a system will cause damage.

To locate the type of refrigerant needed for an AC, homeowners can also check the owner’s manual that came with the system or look on the outside of the outdoor AC unit for a label that will list the type of refrigerant required. If a home’s air conditioning system was built before 2010, it may use R-22 or freon. This type of refrigerant is banned from use in new air conditioner models because it can harm the environment. 

What Causes Refrigerant Leaks?

leakIf homeowners discover their air conditioner is not cooling their house to the desired temperature on the thermostat, it could be due to several factors, including a refrigerant leak. 

There are many possible causes of refrigerant leaks, including: 

  • Age and corrosion: Systems can corrode and rust over time, causing holes to form in the tubing and leading to refrigerant leaks.
  • Damaged components: Poor installation or mishandling of the unit can cause damage to the coils, valves, and other components, leading to leaks.
  • Poor maintenance: Failing to have AC units inspected and maintained regularly can lead to leaks forming, as professionals cannot clean the evaporator coil and look for signs of a refrigerant leak early enough to repair it before the problem worsens. 

When Is It Time to Call For Refrigerant Leak Repair?

proIt’s essential for homeowners to call in HVAC professionals to repair their air conditioner’s refrigerant leak at the first signs of a leak. They can use refrigerant leak detectors to spot a leak and then fix it to restore comfort to a house quickly. One of the most obvious signs of insufficient refrigerant in an AC system due to a leak is if the house is not cooling to the temperature on the thermostat. Another sign to watch for is if the AC runs continuously. 

Homeowners should also listen for hissing or gurgling sounds. These can indicate a small hole in the tubing that the refrigerant is leaking through. Another sign to watch for is ice on the refrigerant line and frozen AC coils. This can happen if the refrigerant levels are too low because of a leak. 

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