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At Saratoga Plumbing & Heating, we are proud to be the number one provider of problem-free residential air conditioning installation, commercial central AC repair, and air duct cleaning in Saratoga County. Our experienced technicians earn many stellar reviews for providing first-rate Queensbury cooling services to a broad range of business owners and residents. Whether you’re cooling a vehicle showroom, basement home theater space, or restaurant, we are the AC service team to call.

AC Repair services in Queensbury

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Signs You Need an AC Replacement

As an AC contractor, we perform dozens of air conditioner replacements for property owners annually. Our professionals have decades of combined experience working on window-type units in RVs, ductless systems in multifamily properties, and roof-routed models in office parks. According to consumer research from Carrier, the average air conditioner has a lifespan between 15 to 20 years.

Here are a few signs you might need to contact a Queensbury cooling services company for an AC replacement:

  • You feel a lack of cold airflow even with clog-free ductwork.
  • You detect allergens, pollutants, and dust in the air even with clean air filters.
  • You notice frequent moisture buildups and refrigerant leaks.
  • You hear strange knocking sounds coming from your outdoor unit.
  • There’s an unexplained rise in your utility bills.

What Happens During a Maintenance Visit?

Our technicians recommend creating an AC tune-up schedule with a licensed Queensbury cooling services provider to get the most out of your cooling units. Most air conditioners need servicing twice a year, and the EPA recommends you replace your filters routinely.

Here are a few things we do on maintenance visits:

  • Our technicians check your coolant levels and ensure your evaporator and condensers are leak-free.
  • We inspect your air ducts for obstructions or cracks.
  • We ensure your evaporator coil has sufficient ventilation.
  • We check your electric control sequence, ensuring your cooling units do not cycle excessively.
  • We replace worn-out components on your oil motor, electric terminals, and fans.

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Air conditioners were once straightforward machines DIYers could fix with components from a home improvement store. Today, new models have Wi-Fi sensors, smart home capabilities, and programmable parts that untrained technicians might damage.

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